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'Painting at the End of the World' 2020

Part of the Pictura Festival, Montreal, Canada

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'Lucky Coincidence', 2020

Gallery Sign, Iceland

'Take your conscience to the pawnshop' T

'Take your conscience to the pawnshop', 2020 

Terrace Gallery, London


'Interlude', 2019

House of St Barnabas, London

'Substantifs' Arthouse1' London 2019[1].

'Substantifs', 2019

Arthouse 1, London


'Surfaced', 2018

Thames-Side Studios Gallery, London

'YesAnd' Kelder projects, London

'Yes And', 2018

Kelder projects, London

'Destroyed by shadows' Liverpool Hope Un

'Destroyed by shadows', 2017

Liverpool Hope University


Unnatural Vibers' Unit 3, London

'Unnatural Vibers'', 2017

Unit 3 Project Space,

ASC Studios, London.



'Redoubling', 2017

Torrance Art Museum, California

a deceptive cadence.jpg

'A deceptive cadence', 2016

Peter Lamb, Phil Frankland and Vincent Hawkins
Exeter Phoenix, Exeter.


'Rare Collisions of Purpose',  2016

Boetzelaer Nispen Gallery, Amsterdam

painting playing.jpg

'Painting playing the game of painting', 2016
Peter Lamb and Phil Frankland. Curated by Matthew Hearn
Campbell Works Gallery, London

past favourite.jpg

'Rare Collisions of Purpose',  2016

Boetzelaer Nispen Gallery, Amsterdam

peter lamb stefan.jpg

Peter Lamb and Stefan Sehlar

Cosar hmt, Dussledorf

boxing mirrors.jpg

'Boxing Mirrors', 2014

Boetzelaer Nispen Gallery, Amsterdam

land skipe.jpg

'Land Skipe', 2014

Campbell Works Gallery, London

pig dog.jpg

'Pig Dog and Monkeyfestos', 2014

Airspace Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent


'Riff/t', 2014

BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead


Exhibition video:

london utd.jpg

'London Utd', 2013

Kling & Bang Galleri, 

Reykjavik, Iceland

mythological proportion.jpg

'Mythological Proportion', 

2013 - 2014

Laurent Delaye, London

a place that exists.jpg

'A Place That Exists', 2013

Laurent Delaye, London

luscious liquid.jpg

'Luscious Liquid of Equilibrium', 2013

Campbell Works, London

i rest my case.jpg
slow is smooth is fast.jpg

'I Rest My Case', 2013

Strzelski Galerie, Stuttgart

'Slow is Smooth is Fast', 2013

Boetzelaer Nispen Gallery, Amsterdam


'LayerPlayers', 2012 
Strzelski Galerie, Stuttgart

parrot and grasshopper.jpg

'Parrot and Grasshopper On A Tree Trunk With No Handles', 2012

B&N Gallery, London

by chromed hooves it travels now.jpg

'By Chromed Hooves It Travels now', 2011

Annie Wharton Gallery, Los Angeles

civil twilight.jpg
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